Michael Ashcraft

Johnson County Commission District 5


Picture of Michael Ashcraft, Johnson County Commissioner


While Johnson County is one of the wealthiest, best educated and hardest working counties in the country, even our resources are not unlimited.  We have the ability and the talent to provide superior services to all Johnson Countians if we’re willing to set meaningful priorities and stay with them.  That means we MUST set priorities and stay with them.  That also means that we must say “no” from time to time on requests and wants that may sound good but do not meet the core mission and responsibilities of the people we serve.  When I first ran for the County Commission, I set out five Ideas to help make and keep Johnson County a community of choice.

5 Ideas.

  1. Our community’s Vision
  2. Our level of mutual respect and Civility
  3. Our need for community Engagement
  4. Our efforts to create Value in everything we do, and
  5. Our expectations about the Transparency of local government

I still believe these Ideas are as relevant and as meaningful today as they have ever been. We have work to do because change is hard and many politicians would rather pander to special interests than stay the course when tough questions need to be asked and even tougher decisions must be made.

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Hard Questions.

We must be willing to ask ourselves and each other the hard questions and use our resources wisely to meet the challenges we face.  We can do more, we must do more.  We must do more with what we have because the continued expectation that we can tax ourselves into prosperity is simply not sustainable.

Please explore my website and share your thoughts and ideas about how you would suggest we make government and government services better.

Consistent Conservative Voice.

Finally, I have been a consistent conservative voice willing to challenge the assumptions about how we do government here in Johnson County.  I believe we can do better with the resources we have.  I would appreciate hearing from you and would appreciate your consideration when you cast your ballets August 7 (If a Primary is needed) and November 6, 2018 for the General Election.  Thank you.


Help us keep Mike in office to establish realistic, meaningful priorities to make Johnson County great!

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